Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a Certified Business Entity that was founded in 2016 in the District of Columbia.


Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. strives to empower women throughout the District of Columbia metropolitan area with employment opportunities, community outreach and charitable giving.


We are proud to be a minority owned Small Business Enterprise. As an organization diversity, equity and inclusion have become the cornerstone of our mission and Corporate philosophy.

DSLBD Certified Business Entity

Operating as a Certified Business Entity (CBE) headquartered in the heart of Washington DC. Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. is certified by the Department of Small and Local Business Development.

Our Mission

Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Decca Environmental Solutions Inc. is a woman-owned business certified business entity that was founded five years ago, in the District of Columbia. We provide facility support services, including operations and maintenance and custodial services. Decca is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients and quality employment opportunities to residents of the District.

Facility Support Services

Coolidge Senior High School

Our team provides custodial services for the newly renovated Calvin Coolidge Senior High School and Ida B. Wells Middle School. Our custodians provide routine and deep cleaning services to both facilities, including the Frank Williams Activity Center (approximately 315,000 square feet in total). Seventy-five percent of the employees working on this project are District residents.

Safety & Service is our Only Priority


Our custodians ensure the cleanliness and safety of classrooms, preventing the spread of bacteria and reducing the likelihood of illness.


We use compliant janitorial techniques to maintain sanitation in restroom's to ensure the safety of all potential occupants.

LEED Facility

We follow Facility maintenance policy, which includes guidelines for maintenance activities. Such as, the implementation of LEED rating system strategies at our discretion.


Large spaces with increased traffic require special attention to ensure they are not only presentable, but sanitary for audiences. Our staff is trained to take pride in exhibition.

Administrative Office

Our portfolio of professional Janitorial services includes Administrative office locations. We provide organization, comfort and safety throughout the sites we service.

Gymnasium & Locker Room

Our on site services ensure the maintenance and sanitation of large common areas such as Gymnasiums and Locker rooms, promoting year around health standard compliance.

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