Mission Statement

Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. provides general construction, electrical contracting and facility support services throughout Washington D.C. Headquartered within the District of Columbia, we provide rapid mobilization of equipment and resources to project sites. Our biggest advantage stems from the caliber of our people. We go the extra mile, striving to stay one step ahead of the curve and excel in servicing our clients through constant communication. We foster collaboration and teamwork, while combining our technical expertise for successful project outcomes.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive technical operations & maintenance (O&M) services that help facilities increase operational efficiency, cut costs, improve safety, and in some cases boost production.

Our personnel have extensive technical expertise in process operations, instrumentation, electrical systems, digital equipment, and field production management. With O&M solutions tailored to meet each individual project’s needs, we can help make sure that your operation runs smoothly, efficiently and most important of all, safely.

Kaneedreck Adams, CEO

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Kaneedreck Adams possesses a A.B. in Political Science and a J.D. from Duke University. She has a unique ability to solve complex issues and is an expert in contract negotiation.

Ms. Adams is a proponent of women empowerment and believes wholeheartedly in underprivileged community outreach. She is member of numerous organizations and sits on the Board of multiple companies headquartered in the District of Columbia. Her leadership and commitment to excellence has propelled Decca Environmental Solutions, Inc. to the forefront of the industry in her 8 years as the sitting Owner & CEO.

Innovative Solutions

Our highly trained staff has the field experience required to ensure full functionality of your facility from top to bottom. We provide enhanced cleaning services to not only clean, but to disinfect working spaces, keeping your facility open.

We understand the heightened emphasis on CDC compliance in commercial and industrial work spaces. We strive to exceed these industrial standards for every client account. This commitment to excellence places our firm at the top of the industry, allowing us to retain key accounts. We ask that you contact us today and schedule a Facility Support Service contract review.

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